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get Error#2015 many many many times
[2 posts, latest by Josh Tynjala]
2 Josh Tynjala 4 hours
True full screen mode on new Chinese devices
[3 posts, latest by Ender22]
3 Ender22 1 week
Frames drop when using Starling Tween
[18 posts, latest by JohnBlackburne]
18 JohnBlackburne 1 week
File Not Found Problem
[7 posts, latest by edwan]
7 edwan 3 weeks
ATFs taking up A LOT of GPU memory
[15 posts, latest by ChrisAndelin]
15 ChrisAndelin 1 month
[Solved] New assetmanager, no longer possible to add a single embeddedasset?
[3 posts, latest by archip]
3 archip 1 month
Handling memory leaks with the AssetManager
[6 posts, latest by Daniel]
6 Daniel 1 month
2.3 button pivotX and pivotY spritesheet [small bug]
[5 posts, latest by therobby3]
5 therobby3 1 month
Resolution Problem
[5 posts, latest by Lim]
5 Lim 2 months
problem of Normal stage with rotation
[8 posts, latest by Shekoofeh]
8 Shekoofeh 2 months
Game rendering stutters even when GPU is not at 100% usage when using filters?
[17 posts, latest by JohnBlackburne]
17 JohnBlackburne 2 months
RenderTexture and BGRA_PACKED not working
[5 posts, latest by therobby3]
5 therobby3 2 months
TouchEvent gets triggered at a weird location.
[8 posts, latest by rodrigo]
8 rodrigo 2 months
[Demo] Pixel perfect destruction. Problem with some mobile GPUs.
[11 posts, latest by andbog]
11 andbog 2 months
"Context3D not available" happens occasionally when trying to restore Context3D
[14 posts, latest by Daniel]
14 Daniel 2 months
GPU memory usage on Texture is higher than using RenderTexture
[10 posts, latest by hardcoremore]
10 hardcoremore 2 months
RenderTexture as effect layer
[4 posts, latest by JohnBlackburne]
4 JohnBlackburne 2 months
rendertexture Error #3605: Sampler 0 binds an invalid texture
[18 posts, latest by hardcoremore]
18 hardcoremore 2 months
iOS crashes on non debug builds
[6 posts, latest by JohnBlackburne]
6 JohnBlackburne 3 months
[Android] Using 9Patch splash screen results in smaller viewport
[by mfrasier]
1 mfrasier 3 months
Assets not loading on iPhone 7 Plus
[7 posts, latest by Daniel]
7 Daniel 3 months
how to fix error in this project (setVertexPosition)
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9 indra 3 months
RenderTexture remains in memory.
[6 posts, latest by Daniel]
6 Daniel 4 months
Aligning image to right side of final line of text?
[10 posts, latest by Ender22]
10 Ender22 4 months
GetTextures gives a 403 (Forbidden) error
[2 posts, latest by Daniel]
2 Daniel 4 months
Need Help With ITextCompositor
[7 posts, latest by mindthegap]
7 mindthegap 4 months
pixel perfect touch hittest ?
[8 posts, latest by siskax07]
8 siskax07 4 months
Quad and performance based on it's size
[3 posts, latest by TeotiGraphix]
3 TeotiGraphix 4 months
Multiple windows issue, display objects don't update between them.
[8 posts, latest by Artemix]
8 Artemix 4 months
Intermittent Flicker on Starling Content in Pepper Flash Player 30
[3 posts, latest by Organis]
3 Organis 5 months