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Stuck partial wake locks
[by vale21]
1 vale21 5 hours
Detect if phone has Notch (iPhone XS, XR, X)
[4 posts, latest by Daniel]
4 Daniel 7 hours
Is there any way to play a YouTube or Vimeo stream in an AIR app?
[8 posts, latest by Artemix]
8 Artemix 10 hours
Help with Android: Webcam recording with audio
[by donricardo]
1 donricardo 15 hours
Scaling the AIR simulator window?
[4 posts, latest by rodrigo]
4 rodrigo 1 day
Launch images for iPhone Xs Max and Xr
[21 posts, latest by Daniel]
21 Daniel 1 day
Building a Library of Images for Everyone
[17 posts, latest by Eric Matyas]
17 Eric Matyas 1 day
[SOUND] Custom sampling with shared sound source creates crackling artifacts
[2 posts, latest by Aurélien Da Campo]
2 Aurélien Da Campo 2 days
ERROR: duplicate androidSupport compile error (myFlashLabs)
[5 posts, latest by MyFlashLab Team]
5 MyFlashLab Team 2 days
How to apply a shininess effect
[10 posts, latest by JohnBlackburne]
10 JohnBlackburne 2 days
Best free/premium Google Analytics ANE?
[by Berton77]
1 Berton77 3 days
apply htmlText in Animate CC ComboBox(not feathers)
[2 posts, latest by Josh Tynjala]
2 Josh Tynjala 3 days
FDT (Flash Development Tool) vs Others IDEs
[18 posts, latest by Josh Tynjala]
18 Josh Tynjala 3 days
Custom ANE Dev wanted $
[by Alex]
1 Alex 5 days
Android API 19 And Under Multidex Slow Launch Issue
[by evilbert]
1 evilbert 6 days
More and more IAPs disappearing on Android
[10 posts, latest by fftidus]
10 fftidus 1 week
Android application packaging with Vscode
[8 posts, latest by mistergreen]
8 mistergreen 1 week
AdMob- 3 of my apps stop showing ads yesterday.
[3 posts, latest by mistergreen]
3 mistergreen 1 week
[Issue] AIR 31 Missing Push Notification Entitlement
[8 posts, latest by Michael]
8 Michael 1 week
Adaptive icons for Android
[by leokan23]
1 leokan23 1 week
Localization of Purpose Strings with purposeStrings.xml
[3 posts, latest by fabriceMontfort]
3 fabriceMontfort 1 week
Free Music Resource - 2
[43 posts, latest by Eric Matyas]
43 Eric Matyas 1 week
AIR 31 Released
[6 posts, latest by @SnkyGames]
6 @SnkyGames 1 week
AMF for .NET Standard now available (.NET Core + olders runtimes)
[8 posts, latest by hugo]
8 hugo 2 weeks
What is the reason for flash to call clone() method on event?
[8 posts, latest by Josh Tynjala]
8 Josh Tynjala 2 weeks
Push Notifications Problem on Samsung Galaxy S9+
[8 posts, latest by Michael]
8 Michael 2 weeks
iOS 11 - APIInternalError - 2
[43 posts, latest by Jewelz]
43 Jewelz 3 weeks
How to detect iOS Wireless Data setting for the game
[4 posts, latest by divlaine]
4 divlaine 3 weeks
Running ANE logic in a separate thread/worker
[7 posts, latest by Michael]
7 Michael 3 weeks
Flash Builder not catching strict errors?
[7 posts, latest by therobby3]
7 therobby3 3 weeks