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Searching partnership: Experienced ANE developer
[2 posts, latest by butze]
2 butze 4 years
Looking for Programmers, Artists, Animators, and Particle Designers
[5 posts, latest by action_squish]
5 action_squish 4 years
Looking for an ActionScript programmer with Starling experience in Estonia
[by Francesco]
1 Francesco 4 years
Actionscript Developer in NJ/NYC Area Available for Immediate Contract/Hire
[by Jim_Jimmer]
1 Jim_Jimmer 4 years
Java Developer's needed to work at Gaming company!
[by Colin Walter]
1 Colin Walter 4 years
High 5 Games is looking for a few good Flash Game Developers!
[by Colin Walter]
1 Colin Walter 4 years
Looking to meet Citrus Developers (Marseille, France)
[by aymerickdespres]
1 aymerickdespres 4 years
JOB: ANE For Native iOS Audio control
[by Bjeld]
1 Bjeld 4 years
iOS Developer (Berlin, Germany)
[by blacklane]
1 blacklane 4 years
Looking for a mid level developer in London (contract or perm)
[by eamonnfaherty]
1 eamonnfaherty 4 years
Starling AIR/Flex
[2 posts, latest by jimmybrion]
2 jimmybrion 4 years
[Developer] Game Developer - Lisboa/Portugal
[3 posts, latest by ccd]
3 ccd 4 years
Advertising your Apps in my App!
[by digitaloranges]
1 digitaloranges 4 years
ANE for incoming and outgoing calls
[9 posts, latest by Astraport]
9 Astraport 4 years
Starling/Stage 3D expert required.
[by michael.trim]
1 michael.trim 4 years
Feathers developer needed for temporary work in fully skinning a new theme
[2 posts, latest by nkheart]
2 nkheart 4 years
Starling / feathers expert urgently needed for help with project
[by einsundnull]
1 einsundnull 4 years
Senior Game Developer Flash needed!
1 4 years
Ready to take Fight My Monster open play?
[by dominicwilliams]
1 dominicwilliams 4 years
Looking for Senior Game Programmer
[2 posts, latest by koivar]
2 koivar 4 years
‪Flash ActionScript‬/Adobe Air Developer Needed
[by ali.motlagh]
1 ali.motlagh 4 years
Looking for Starling and Away3D developer (worldwide)
[by bojamunje]
1 bojamunje 4 years
Axon Sports is Hiring Starling Developers
[by JustinWalsh]
1 JustinWalsh 4 years
Multiple Texture QuadBatch
[5 posts, latest by xLite]
5 xLite 4 years
SongPop is hiring Starling & Feathers developers!
[by olivier]
1 olivier 4 years
Starling Expert Wanted - Telecommute
[by GameGurus]
1 GameGurus 5 years
Starling/AS3 expert required to add music pitch changer to program
1 5 years
Starling Developer Needed - Boston, MA
[by mmctaggart]
1 mmctaggart 5 years
Amanita Design (Machinarium, Botanicula, Samorost) looking for a programmer
[by tomkrcha]
1 tomkrcha 5 years
Looking to team up with a programmer!
[7 posts, latest by hrmoller]
7 hrmoller 5 years