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Navigation Framework
[3 posts, latest by RIKSOF]
3 RIKSOF 1 year
Custom Fragment Filter Needed
[5 posts, latest by devon.o]
5 devon.o 1 year
Custom Ane Android
[by amihanya]
1 amihanya 1 year
Flash Develop + Starling + TexturePacker iOS/Android 70% DONE
[by functu]
1 functu 1 year
Need a Starling/Feathers developer ASAP
[by reyco1]
1 reyco1 1 year
Front End Developer - Toronto Area (Markham) - Contract
[by mrpinc]
1 mrpinc 1 year
Re-skin Existing Game
[3 posts, latest by plasticbrain]
3 plasticbrain 1 year
Looking for Full Time Developer in Germany
[by moleanardo]
1 moleanardo 1 year
We're hiring – Sensory-Minds (Offenbach, Germany)
[by sashthecash]
1 sashthecash 1 year
Starling developer for Builder Game UI , Hannover, Germany
[2 posts, latest by Kuba Bladek]
2 Kuba Bladek 1 year
career as junior ios developer
[by richardkirk]
1 richardkirk 1 year
Looking for 8-bit artist! Time sensitive!
[3 posts, latest by starlingnoob]
3 starlingnoob 1 year
Looking for Unit Testing Master to Help Get Starling Code Base 'Under Test'
[by action_squish]
1 action_squish 2 years
Looking for a curved Starling Image
[4 posts, latest by Artemix]
4 Artemix 2 years
Job: AS3 game developer in Berlin
[5 posts, latest by Ameed Ashour]
5 Ameed Ashour 2 years
Short Term Contract to port Air project to Starling
[2 posts, latest by bluntcoder]
2 bluntcoder 2 years
Starling Game Developer needed for successful Mobile Game in Denmark
[by Dagbjört Jóndóttir]
1 Dagbjört Jóndóttir 2 years
Looking to contract development help with DragonBones 4.1
[by ickymuffin]
1 ickymuffin 2 years
Starling + AS3 Developer Needed to Help Finish iOS game ASAP
[5 posts, latest by Elzone]
5 Elzone 2 years
Sydney Flash/Air/Starling Game Developer role
[by BenLeffler]
1 BenLeffler 2 years
Searching for special effect master 99 lvl
[by s8000_1]
1 s8000_1 2 years
Flash Developer full time job
[by bulleye]
1 bulleye 2 years
Mobile App for iOS and Android
[by andre]
1 andre 2 years
Developer Needed for Optimization and Pimpification
[by hyper]
1 hyper 2 years
Extend DefaultListItemRenderer or Custom Item Renderer - Easy Money!
[by leronj23]
1 leronj23 2 years
Looking for programmer to complete a partially finished Tower Defense game
[3 posts, latest by Elzone]
3 Elzone 2 years
Feathers/Starling freelancer needed
[by koalition]
1 koalition 2 years
Developer needed for established filmmaking app
[2 posts, latest by IonSwitz]
2 IonSwitz 2 years
Andorid LAUNCHER app. job
[by juanfx]
1 juanfx 2 years
Starling Developer for andorid app needed
[by juanfx]
1 juanfx 2 years