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[sticky] DragonBones FAQ 26 mistergreen 1 year
[sticky] DragonBones - an Open Source 2D Skeleton Animation Solution 20 MacShrike 5 years
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DragonBones is not letting me Register
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Skin swap
[by Blady]
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please help me with dragon bones
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I created 100 DragonBoy, only about 30 frames
[by armmy]
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Free 2d Character (+DragonBones set-up and animations)+ Art assets
[by brull.alex]
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When loading my Dragonbones project, I get the log error "No armature data"
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Is there a way to create a hole in a mesh?
[by Anayan]
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Problem with turning an atlas file in peaces
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[Dragon Bones] Feature Request: Floating export output scale
[by Aurélien Da Campo]
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Features and changes request.
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Dragon bones json. to Game Maker export problem
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Can't export images
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Can't download Dragon Bones!
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How to add/edit a child armature in DragonBones Pro?
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Mesh Exportation From DBD to Spine
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[Bugs]Register and mail adresses
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Can you export video files like .MOV or .mp4 with dragon bones?
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Please add a link to the source code, the doc and the place to report issues
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Export to packaged PNG sequence: frames in wrong order?
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DragonBones Pro 5.6 Review
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HOW TO TUTORIAL: Dragon Bones to Game Maker
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Cannot save or export - requires login, login fails due to blocked access
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[Bug]Unable to register
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DragonBones 5.6 Spine Export and Game Maker Studio 2
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Fatal Error on Export
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How to change color of some bones/slots in DragonBones?
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[bug] draw order bug after save? why under showed hover !?
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[SUGGEST] what do you think about a folder management ?
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Dragon bones 5.6 filter timeline
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